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This is done using Amazon Publisher Studio - it is the official software released from Amazon. It is the only one I recommend using from now on. This installs straight into your browser - so you need to follow this video to put the links in - once done I can add in the magic SEO - let me know when you have your links in from following this video:


Case Study:

Following are the videos for the case study:

Introduction to the case study:

Case Study Day 1 Plan And Content:


Case Study Part 2 - Sales And Updates:


Traffic Plan 30 Day Paint By Numbers:


30 Day Traffic Plan Intro:

30 Day Traffic Plan Day 1:

30 Day Traffic Plan Day 2:


30 Day Traffic Plan Day 3:


30 Day Traffic Plan 4 - Pushing Products Up:




30 Day Traffic Plan - Day 5 - Keywords and Ranking:


30 Day Traffic Plan - Day 6 - Keyword Hub Content



30 Day Traffic Plan Day 7- Wrapping Up Week 1


Traffic Plan Day 8 - 15


Traffic Plan Day 16 - 30:


Flippa Guide:


Flippa Listing Template:




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